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From travel log-book of István Vidák

February 25, 2012




There are a number of different religions in India. Some of them are well-known in Europe. The church that we want to show you here is quite special one and particulary soul-stirring for Hungarians.

Horse riding figures are standing on the altar by each other, and people visting the church pray to them and asking for their help. The horses are typical to India and the hero that rides the hore is nothing else than Pabu Dada. His cult is common to Gujarat and Rajasthan among Rajput and Rabari families.

The horses are formed from wood or stone, more recently from cement. After sereveral decades these scuplture became superfluous, peolpe take them to the see-shore and during a special ceremony throw them into the water.


© Foto István  Vidák.  Maj , Gujarat, India February 2012.

- Horses with typical ear position ina Pabu Dada temple.


© Foto István  Vidák.  Maj , Gujarat, India February 2012.

The horse riding culture has a great tradition in India. A available sources state that the first staple-like device illustration was dicovered in this Land.

When we saw these moustached riders we can help to associate them to the Hungarian hussars. 


Who was  Pabu Dada is not quite clear to us for the moment. The rare sources available on the Internet say that he is one of the many  house or family gods of India. Why he is riding horse and what is that particular instrument in his hand - is not known yet.

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